Mr. Tom Johnson will be singing with your kids for the remainder of the year.  Contact him with  questions at tjohnson@birchwood.k12.wi.us


M - Make good choices.

U - Use good manners.

S - Show respect.

I - Involve yourself in projects.

C - Care for classmates and classroom.


Practice parts are found at 
Our YouTube Channel

(may need to click "Play All")

Daily Grades:

+2 Chromebook/Headphones (HS/MS)

+2 Participation

+2 Google Classroom Homework

-2 Bathroom

*Other points pending*

Project Grades:

+15 Finished Recording Participation

+150 Performance

Extra Credit Grades:

+2 Audio Tracking/Editing

+2 Video Editing

+2 Insanity

300 S Wilson St, Birchwood, WI 54817

(715) 354-3471